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929 people including these children have a well in their community due to your help!

South Sudan, Africa

Welcome to SMART2bfit!

      SMART2bfit began in 2009 with a simple goal- to help kids be healthier while helping those in need. What started as one girl and her little brother trying to make a difference has turned into engaging over a thousand volunteers and donating thousands of pounds of food to needy families as well as raising funds for water catchment tanks and wells in water scarce areas.

    The idea for SMART2bfit came when Madeline and Carter Cumbey went to a food pantry and noticed that the families there were given boxed food not the vegetables and fruits they were used to growing. What grew out of a desire to help the hungry receive fresh vegetables has turned into engaging and empowering their friends, neighbors, and kids all over to solve global problems, one kid, garden, and walk at a time.

    The idea of SMART2bfit is simple. SMART2bfit Clubs and Camps are taught by kids, for kids, to learn how to be healthy through fun, physical activities such as learning low-cost, fun cooking, walking and gardening. Once educated, kids are empowered to help not only themselves but other kids by creating and caring for a SMART Garden that raises food for the hungry or participate in a Walk 4 Water to help bring water to kids worldwide.

     SMART2bfit's mission is to empower kids to solve real world problem in a healthy way. Together we grow an end to hunger, walk away from thirst, and be a healthier generation that serves!

What is S.M.A.R.T?




Real Hope


It’s at the heart of everything we do...

Camps, Gardens, Walks, &

Servant Leadership

"For I was hungry and you gave Me something to eat; I was thirsty and you gave Me something to drink" - Matthew 25:35

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