"Empowering kids to solve real world problems in a healthy way"

Who We Are 

Welcome to SMART2bfit! I'm Carter Cumbey 

and I helped start SMART2bfit at age six. I 

want to feed others and provide water for 

those who don't have it. I want to do something about the world's problems and I knew early on that kids have real power to solve real problems when we work together. My hope is that SMART2bfit continues to grow so we can wipe out hunger and thirst locally and globally.

Carter is a three time Presidential Volunteer 

Service Award recipient, has been featured in 

Boy's Life Magazine for notable achievement, 

and is a Kohl's Cares Scholarship Regional Award Recipient.

SMART2bfit received the Youth Leadership in Service Learning Excellence Award by NYLC in 2014. 

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        "Everyone can
      be great 
      everyone can  
        -Martin Luther 
          King Jr.

what we do

At SMART2bfit, our mission is to empower kids to solve real world problems in a healthy way. SMART2bfit has grown from a need to be healthy ourselves, to engaging and empowering hundreds of kids to work together to meet basic needs like food and water in a here, near, and far approach while being healthier themselves.  We are focused on teaching kids the importance of healthy eating, hydration, and physical activity through SMART2bfit Clubs.  We have  community gardens in multiple states that we raise with volunteers and donate the food to local food pantries.  SMART Gardens have raised thousands of pounds of fresh, organic food for the hungry. We also coordinate walks that raise money for water scarce areas while educating kids about this global crisis. None of our works would be possible without the help of our volunteers! 

why we do it 

Madeline and Carter were both diagnosed with high cholesterol at early ages and had to learn  early how to be healthier. They wanted other kids to be just as healthy and saw firsthand at a local food bank the need for fresh vegetables for people in need. Their family struggles with a poor family health history of high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, and stroke. They  see other people like themselves who struggle to be healthy. As kids, having good health and serving others are great habits to learn at an early age. Combining healthy habits with service has developed SMART2bfit into a service-learning based non-profit with ever expanding areas that fit with their mission. Their goal is simple-feed the hungry, give water to those who need it, and help kids learn to be healthy leaders that serve.